Organic Fertilizers Organic Plant Fertilizer Manufactured By Barje Organic Fertilizer  is of High  Quality and Its Helps in the Enrichment of Soil. Enrichment, Resulting Out of  Our Fertilizers, Leads to the Production of Healthy Crops, Fruits,  Vegetables, Cereals Etc. Natural Organic Fertilizer improves the Physical  Properties of the Soil Thus Enhancing the Growth of Crops.  ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS Better yields of crop.  Better quality and natural taste.  Controls termites and protects other harmful paste and diseases  Use of organic products leaves no residual toxicity in crops and it is safe for human beings and  environment.  Increase soil fertility and productivity.  Farmers get better prizes for organic crop products by using our eco friendly products. In export  as well as in local market.  It contain Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as essential element where as it also contain  micro nutrient like Calcium. Boron, Mangnese, Magnesium, Iron etc.  Barje AgroTech Organic Fertilizer Physical, Biological And Chemical Properties of Organic   Manure produced from Bio Solids  A)  PHYSICAL Barje AgroTech Organic Fertilizer is dark brown rich human like coarse material free from foul  smell, live weed seeds and extraneous matters.  Direct manorial value is much better than Farm Yard Manure.  It has high moisture holding capacity. It is humus rich stabilized organic nutrition system for  improving the health of soul.  B) Biological     Total bacteria count  1010   Actionmycetes/gm  104   Fungi/gm         106   Azotobacter/gm  106   Root Nodule bacteria  104   Phosphate solubilisers  106   Nitrobacteria/gm  102 C) Chemical     pll   6.8 to 7.8    Organic substances  30 to 50X    Organic carbon %  11 to 16.0   Nitrogen  1.20 to 2.20    Available phosphorous %  1 to 1.50    Total phosphorous %  2.5 to 3.2    Potassium %  1.00 to1.50    Calcium %  2.00 to 4.00    Magnesium %  0.70 to 0.90    Sulphates %  0.50 to 0.80    Fe%   0.50 to 1.00    Zn ppm  300 to 700    Mn ppm  250 to 740    Cn ppm  200 to 300  CO, MO, B present in sufficient quantities required by crops.  DOSAGE Dosage of Organic Manure will depend on the type of soil and its fertility status. In good soils per Ha  dosage of Organic Manure could be 625 to 1250 kgs. In medium soils 1250 to 2500 kgs and in poor  degraded lands upto 5000 kgs is recommended.  In the pits for plantations, forestry and in the nursery beds mix organic manure in the filling media 2 to  5% of the total soil weight. For lawns and home gardens use Organic Manure 250 to 500 gms per  square meter.  Back To Products
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