Our Partners EuroAsian AgriBusiness Entrepreneurship & Management Network (EAEMN), The  Netherlands Barje AgroTech Exports has tied up with EuroAsian, Breukelen, The Netherlands for its operation at  Europe and US.  EAEMN founded by Mr. Vivek Nagpaul EAEMN is an Innovation Network of AgriBusiness  universities, companies and intermediaries with over 350 professionals. Our members are working  at leading knowledge institutions and companies and have taught and trained several hundreds of  entrepreneurs and managers across the globe. EAEMN is powered by its mission to help discover,  develop and utilize talent for the benefit of AgriBusiness stakeholders by using structured  networking to develop ideas and opportunities at the interface of academia, business,  intermediaries and government. EAEMN's research, consulting and training focuses on enabling  AgriBusiness organizations and individuals to develop and manage collaborations, ventures and  human resources.   Star Springs Company Barje AgroTech has partnered with Star Spring Company, an ISO - 9001 - 2000 accredited  Company, manufactures various types of springs. Star Springs Company is producing Helical, Strip  springs and piston ring springs.  We are manufacturing springs for electrical, electronic components, mechanical seals, Control  valve and actuators, crushers and elevators, automobile components and many more areas where  springs are required. 
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